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01 May 2011

Yay for Yoshi

Yoshi came back recently from a trial home accompanied by some distressing stories about her interactions with another family dog and with two dogs at a local dog park, which were not experienced by her foster carer whilst in care. Her behaviour was carefully observed at Katherine's place with her Labs and the Lab she is fostered with. Her style of play incorporated the herding behaviours of nipping and rounding up other dogs. She was certainly considered re-homable with an experienced owner who would carefully supervise introductions with other dogs and monitor their play. 

Fortunately we had another lovely family who had previously had a dog with similar needs and were keen to find out more about Yoshi. They came to visit her yesterday and took her home. I'd like to share the lovely email we received today about how she is settling in. 

Oh my God she is just so adorable! ....... fast asleep before Murrumbateman as predicted.

We had a fuss free trip home, stopping at D's Mums house where she has a quick drink and met Sally the Samoyed through the fence. There was much sniffing, tail wagging and a playful growl.

We had another stop in Cooma for a drink and toilet break. It was dark by this time so she stuck pretty close. Another small dog in the park for a toilet break too ran over too and they had a sniff and a play.

She spent the evening exploring the house and yard and we set her up in the bathroom to sleep with a bed, water and a couple of toys. She settled fairly quickly and demonstrated her housetraining.

This morning she got to explore the yard in daylight and seemed to approve. We left her out on her own twice so far increasing the length of time and she didn't seem fussed at all.

She located a couple of old bones in the yard but didn't take them up until they were handed directly to her.

She came to the cafe this morning for coffee and was the perfect puppy. She played with Bella the 12 month old spoodle and Elliot, a 5 year old little boy. She sat down nicely when anyone approached her and spent the rest of the time chilling quietly. She won lots of fans down there with everyone admiring her looks, calm demeanour and gentle nature.

We are practising sit, drop and heel and she is a fast learner.

She must have landed on a stick when she was running and playing in the dam yesterday and it feels like there might still be a piece under her skin. She is licking it a bit but otherwise doesn't seem too fussed. I have put some antiseptic on it and we will take her to the vet if it doesn't clear up.

All in all - she has been an absolute delight so far!

It's always amazing to see what a difference an experienced handler can make to a dog's life! Awesome :-)

Note well: Please don't take a new rescue dog to a dog park until you have built a trusting bond with your new dog and you know your dog and have basic obedience under control.

Congratulations to Yoshi's new family!

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