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20 June 2010

Two New Arrivals - Tessa and Bondi

Tessa and Bondi arrived in Canberra from the Wagga Pound yesterday, many thanks go to rescue and transport volunteers.

Tessa is a gentle, placid Lab x Goldie girl who definitely needs to go on a diet and start a healthy exercise regime.

Bondi is happy natured, playful young boy and is a little sweetie. He is full of energy and is a real livewire who will happily play games and run around for hours but also just loves to snuggle up and have a cuddle.

Doesn't this picture say it all !!!

06 June 2010

Boris - Living happily in an apartment!

We're thrilled to be able to share another happy story - this time one of our rescues has successfully adapted to living in an apartment!

Boris is a great advertisement for Labrador rescue. Not only is he the most handsome dog in the off-leash park but he is also the most friendly. No one can escape meeting Boris when he is out for a play. Everyone asks where we got him and we are happy to say that we got him from the good people at the Labbie Rescue. If you have any more Labrador/Whippet crosses I am sure you will find plenty of homes for them.

M and I want to thank all of you at the Labrador Rescue for bringing Boris into our lives. Since neither of us had a dog before, we needed a lot of assistance. Thanks first to L for talking through our choice of a Labrador. She helped us understand that it is the love and attention we give our dog that is more important than the size of our back garden. Our next thanks go to the D Family for giving Boris shelter and helping him gain weight.

 Smiles all round! Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership :-). 

01 June 2010

A Loving New Home for Dutch

Lab Rescue were contacted by a fellow who had a friend's dog, Dutch. His friend had to go overseas at short notice. This fellow was hoping to find a lovely home for Dutch but time ran out before his move to a smaller property. With his own dogs, he didn't have room to keep Dutch and wanted to make sure he went to a good home. He had Dutch desexed upon receiving him and offered to drive him to Sydney or Canberra whichever was most suitable for Lab Rescue. We put him in touch with a lovely home on our waiting list and would like to share the happy ending :-). Note: he had an issue not wanting to climb up open stairs ;-).

We picked up Dutch today and oh my god, was a beautiful dog he is!

He is so placid, so calm, so well behaved, we are in love already!

He has had a pretty good day also, lots of cuddles, a sleep in front of the fire place, a walk and a swim!

We have even managed to get him to go up the stairs (with a food bribe) so I am sure eventually he will be OK with them soon enough.

Dutch dog is not going anywhere!

Thanks for finding him for us, the kids are thrilled.