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24 May 2011

Another Vale for Arti

A touching farewell from another friend of Arti who is also caring for a rescue fighting Parvo

I am really sorry Arti.  You were a beautiful boy.  I wished I'd given you some more cuddles and not rushed you both in so quickly to get on the road.

You were such a sweet boy - happy, exuberant but not over the top - just the perfect blend of a loving family dog - anyone could easily fall in love with you.  The world will be poorer without you - I hope you are safe and well now.   You will be missed.

I'm so sorry Linda, Katherine and Mary - he was a beautiful dog.  Nothing I can say will make it any better or the pain go away - just know I am sad for him too - so wrong and such a waste of a beautiful dog.  Curse on his former owners.

Please cross your fingers for my girl Amelia - she is still on the drip fighting.  Hugs to you all.

Hugs for Amelia, keep fighting little one.

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