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28 May 2011

Sweet Stella

Stella is now in foster care, a pound rescue who was left in one of the outside cages with a note saying not good with other dogs and children. We decided to rescue her and test her and if she was not suitable for re-homing would have been prepared to put her down.  Thankfully this won't be necessary. She came up in the same transport as Arti last weekend but fortunately had been vaccinated the week before travelling so is expected to be protected from Parvo and is showing no signs of illness.

She's estimated to be 18 months to 2 yrs old and is possibly a Lab cross German Short-haired Pointer with the looks and characteristics of both breeds.

She just loves playing with balls! She will even play ball alongside another ball loving dog without any altercations regarding ball ownership :-). In fact she walks well past other dogs on her daily walks as well. She met Katherine's four Labs today and was a little overwhelmed but showed no aggression, once greetings were over she preferred playing with a ball than socialising with the other dogs. 

She's been tested with a 7 yr old child and just showed signs of frustration when being teased but soon settled as the child was managed to help reduce the dogs frustration levels. She then really loved playing with the child and vice versa. It is as important to manage children's behaviour around dogs as to manage dogs around children. Children need to be taught how to treat dogs well. Always supervise dogs and children together!

Stella has been offered to a lovely home on our waiting list.

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