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22 May 2011

Vale Arti

Very sad to share that Arti succumbed to Parvo an hour ago. He seemed well yesterday afternoon on arrival but overnight he started to throw up and then refused breakfast, wouldn't drink any water and just kept hiding in a corner of the garden looking miserable. We booked him for a morning appointment at my local vet, observing his first bout of bloody diarrhoea just before leaving. He grew worse during the appointment, had a fever of 41 and tested positive for Parvo. We decided to try to give him a chance to live. He was put on a drip to keep him hydrated. His blood count and protein levels were normal but his blood sugar was very low 1.7 (normally about 3.5) so he was put on a glucose drip and started on antibiotics. The afternoon update phone call was encouraging, he had eaten a little during the afternoon. We were hoping for a better update phone call at 8pm. Alas, he had deteriorated to the point where blood sugar level was zero, his gums were pale and he was unresponsive. I decided to go down to see him before making the heart wrenching decision of whether to let him go or keep trying by transferring him to emergency.
Arti really looked much worse than I was expecting, totally unresponsive, and the vet checked and confirmed that he was indeed gone.

Arti I will remember you wanting to play with our big coward Gus last night, and Gus hiding under the dining room table while you paced around waiting for him to come out again :-).
I remember introducing you to the cat, her growling at you and you deciding to growl at her!
Thank you for the hugs you gave us, they were the best loving puppy hugs!
Thanks for helping me in the kitchen last night :-).
Arti we thought you were a gorgeous natured little boy with a beautiful life ahead of you.
I hope you're enjoying rainbow bridge free of the pain and distress you went through today.
Forgive us.


  1. i was just blog hopping and found your blog.. i have a friend who also lost his dog to Parvo.. sorry for your loss.. loving dogs like arti will always be remembered. meanwhile he's in dog heaven now :-)

    namae / Pals Furr Us Dog Blog


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