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22 January 2010

Teaching, Changing or Recharging a Dog's Name

This is one of many training tips I'd like to share with you under the name 'Paws for Thought' written by a friend at work who is passionate about dogs and is happy to share and discuss what she has learnt. Posted here with her permission. Please note: She is not a dog expert but a dog lover learning more each day.


The following training tip can be used to:

Teach a new puppy it's name.

Change the name of a puppy or adult dog (no matter the age) such as when you rehome a dog.

Recharge your dog's name when your dog has taken to ignoring you when you say it's name.


You will need:

Your dog just hanging around but not doing anything you don't like at the time

Some really yummy food (not it's normal meal - but some roast chicken or liver treats or something unusual but highly attractive).

Just a few minutes of your time, a few times a day for anywhere between 1 day and a week.

Preferably somewhere quiet to start with.

The steps:

1. Say the dog's new name (or the one you are recharging).

2. Immediately give the dog a piece of the yummy food - regardless of what the dog is doing.

3. Repeat 3 to 5 times and stop the session.

4. Repeat session 3 to 5 times a day

5. Repeat for at for least one day and up to a week. 

The end result you are looking for:

Your dog turning it's attention to you immediately and joyfully when you say it's name.

To maintain the behaviour:

* Frequently reward your dog when he does respond - praise, pet, game, toy, food or whatever he or she enjoys.

* Sometimes give a super reward (bonus) for a great response or even just randomly as long as you get the response you want.

* Do not keep saying your dogs name in conversation and ignoring him when he responds.

* Do not call his name then do anything he doesn't like to him if you can avoid it (sometimes you just can't - but then up the rewards for a while afterwards to return to the desired performance level).

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