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08 May 2011

Wish we had more dogs like Barney!

Barney joined his lovely new home on Friday. We could have re-homed this gorgeous boy to fantastic homes 10 times over!! It was hard to disappoint so many families.

A quick note from his wonderful foster carer:

B was wonderful, very kind. She loved Barney and he has gone home with her. Fingers crossed the next couple of weeks goes well…. Oh I will miss him!

Lucky boy has gone to a home on a property on the far south coast of NSW (east of Canberra) to a family who lost a beloved dog just 10 days before applying for another dog through us. He'll be helping out with their 12 horses and have the company of a 6 1/2 yo Lab and be able to curl up in front of the fire at night. He loves the wide open spaces and was great with cows and chooks while on holiday with his foster family, so we have high hopes that he'll really love his new home.

Be a good boy with the horses Barney :-)!

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