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21 May 2011

Artie - the new boy

Bye Jet...

I took Jet to meet his new volunteer foster mum yesterday, a home with no cat! Such a relief for our cat who finally came out of 'her' wing of the house last night after a week of hiding, LOL. Here's a good bye shot of Jet with my daughter E who wanted to adopt him!

Hello Artie...

A volunteer rescuer has had a very long day driving from Canberra to Wagga to Goulburn and back to Canberra today. Thankfully she was able to bring two Labs from Wagga pound for us. I picked up Artie and another Lab Rescue volunteer picked up the black girl now called Angie.

We were expecting a 3 yr old but I think he looks and acts like a baby, isn't he a cutie!  His dangly bits are pretty small too which confirms my suspicions - Katherine made me do it ;-) LOL. We'll see what the vet thinks when he goes in for his vetwork. Poor little mite appears to be suffering from Kennel Cough.

Typical of all our Lab fosters - he lay down in the kitchen to keep me company while I cooked dinner. Gotta love 'em.

Artie - trying to avoid the annoying paparazzi! He kept looking away as soon as he saw the camera coming - I think he learnt his lesson after the first blinding flash! 

Artie had a practice run in the crate during dinner and Dr Who. He was quiet as a lamb and very settled.  This photo shows him tucking himself into the crate later of his own accord (the door is open). Hoping for a peaceful sleep tonight :-).

We have him here for just one night, tomorrow he moves to another available volunteer foster carer with two fun dogs to play with!

Our poor old cat is in a very bad mood again, LOL!!!

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