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30 April 2010

Third Time Lucky for Ashley

We don't always have successful trials and are so relieved that Ashley has finally found her new forever home. She was surrendered by her owners (where she had not been treated well) and showed us her beautiful sweet nature in foster care so we decided on a lovely new home for her. Her first trial was with a couple on a property with stock and she thought it was great fun to play with the other animals, so understandably came back to us! Her second trial did not go well at all. We were very disappointed and were worried that the experience may have set her back too much to be re-homed before coming back into foster care. However the perfect home for her came up so we took the plunge and sent her straight there.  Here are comments from her new family:

I just wanted to give you an update on Ashley now that she's been part of our family for 5 days.

When Poppie died I really didn't think I would ever want another dog, she was just so lovely. C and the boys were really keen for a new dog and finally I agreed and we started looking. I don't know how you were able to pick such a perfect dog for us just through our application. The minute C brought her home from the airport I fell in love and she has been absolutely fantastic ever since.

On Sunday she went on her first proper outing to our middle son E's football match and once I had some help from another parent with her "gentle leader" she was absolutely great - before that she spent the whole time trying to take me for a walk and a little bit of time on the footy field while the players madly tried to grab her lead!

This morning she had to go to school to meet all the Grade 3 kids in W's class, she was amazing as they all came up one by one to give her a pat.

I'm looking at her now fast asleep in her bed surrounded by soft toys from the boys and can't believe how lucky we are that she's come to live with us.

Thank you so much, it's hard to put in writing how grateful we are and how much we all love her. 
Thank you for giving Ashley her perfect new home, we're all thrilled for sweet natured Ash :-)

26 April 2010

Web Resources for Children

This is one of many dog ownership tips I'd like to share with you under the name 'Paws for Thought' written by a friend at work, posted here with her permission. Please note that these posts are written by a dog lover learning more every day and happy to share. They are intended to give you options and ideas to think about. They do not replace the help of a professional (such as a vet, behaviourist, trainer or lawyer). Posts can be shared with others as long as you make sure that any references contained within the post remain with the post and please do not take chunks out of context. Preference is definitely for the whole post to be shared rather than pieces.

In previous posts about children and dogs it’s been mentioned that it is ideal for your children to learn as much as they can about dogs and how to treat them respectfully and be safe without necessarily doing it hands on with a dog (for both the child’s and the dogs sake). One option for engaging and educating children is the use of games, puzzles and other activities. There are a range of these available on the web (of varying quality) but here are just a few to start with.

Here are some of the web resources available to help children to learn more about dogs, and have some fun at the same time.

The UK Kennel Club has a site for children including Sasha’s 20 Paw Plan for Safety ( which can then lead to testing your child’s knowledge through the Safe and Sound Safety Factor Challenge ( In this game primary age children get to make decisions in about 10 different scenarios. Their decisions earn them bite marks or safety stars. If they can get through with no bite marks then they can print of a certificate.

The QLD Government has a website called ‘Kids Help An Animal Smile’  ( which includes all sorts of crosswords, posters, games, animal care tips and more. Check out the caring for Dougal Dog Quiz under the games link. It has three levels of play to select from and a wide range of questions testing your child’s (and your)
knowledge of dogs and their care.

The Victorian Government has a Responsible Pet Ownership website for primary schools with lots of information, activities and games. Check out

RSPCA Australia has a World of Animal Welfare site at with lots of animal related information and activities.

You can also check out The Frontline Flea Run game at where you get to chase pesky fleas with Frontline pipettes – well at the very least it will teach computing skills and timing : )

Other sites that might be of interest to you and your child include:

McGruff’s website at with a wide range of games of different levels of difficulty.

Clifford the big red dog site at

And of course the National Geographic website (

Of course parents should check out the sites for suitability before letting their children spend time there – as with any website.

Lacey is off to a great start!

This gorgeous young girl flew to South Australia to join her new family with a black Lab, her new big 'brother'.

...well she arrived safe and sound. She is beautful. She wanted to ride up front with me the whole way home.

...they are both running around like crazy and are soaking wet from swimming around in the pool.

Coffee and 'sit and watch time' now.

Lucky Lacey!