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12 May 2011

Jolly Jet is with me!

9 year old Jet has been in foster care for two days. I received a call from his foster carer tonight asking if we could take Jet urgently as her dog had injured his leg and needed to recuperate. No problems, and half an hour later he was dropped off to me with his blanket, lead and car harness.

He was very excited on arrival and explored the house and garden with waggy tail and big grin. I think of him as Jolly Jet now as he is so happy and friendly.

He's in lovely condition and quite a tall long legged boy.

After dinner he was finally able to relax near me at the computer.

Such a kissable face!!!

We were warned he was food focussed. He certainly surfs the benches checking to see what's in reach!  Here he is hoping for some of my daughter's dinner, he behaved very well though :-).

We were also warned that he hates cats in the profile provided by his previous owner. We had him on lead and brought our 10 yr old cat into the room and he was very excited and whiney and pulled hard on the lead to try to reach her. He was fixated on the door after she scooted off to safety. He didn't look aggressive just very keen to play but we'll play it safe and just have short controlled times together until he can go to another foster carer without a cat.

Well I've set up his bed in a crate with his blanket and guess who has taken a liking to it !!!  We've done a little training with treats to go into the crate and lie down with the command 'Bed' so I'm hoping he'll use it when we go to bed.

Good night

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