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04 June 2011

Sasha the Cheeky Labrador!

Hi Linda (and the lab rescue gang)
              Oh wow, don't mind at all. Was lovely to see the unseen pic of Sasha with three balls in her mouth LOL. You'll be be happy to know she STILL does that. LOL. As soon as I saw the pic I knew yep that's definitely her hahaha.  Thanks for the congrats too. We have been working really hard and it's hard for Sasha to concentrate and focus on me sometimes cause she just thinks that it's playtime every time she sees dogs at school hehee. Was pleasantly suprised but soo proud of her too. I took her out to Petbarn where she got to pick out a new toy (of course she chose the squeaky dumbell LOL).

Please see attached pics, and one with her and Mischa chilling one evening in the lounge room. They have touched noses too but on Mischa's terms of course.

Hope you enjoy the pics (one of Sasha with her toys/balls, one of Sasha and Mischa, one of Sasha and her best friend Honey and at the beach pics. She has now been down the coast twice and LOVES it. Thank you for all the hard work you all do. It truly takes special, caring people to do what you do and I definitely appreciate it. :-)

Cheers for now but I will keep you updated on any more achievements of this gorgeous girl.

Love from A, Sasha and Mischa

p.s. Apologies for the amount of pics, I couldn't help myself LOL

Hi A
Your new photos are too gorgeous not to share!
Many thanks

Look folks Sasha still loves to collect balls, LOL...!

and surf ...

 and just chill out :-).

As I remember Mischa was a very timid rescue cat that needed a lot of patience and care to settle in. It must have taken the same amount of patience and care to help her accept Sasha into the fold too :-).


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  1. awwwwwww my furbabies are too gorgeous. Yes I'm bias but really how could you resist either one. Rescuing an animal is the way to go. I think they have given me a better life just by being in my life. Thanks for sharing with everyone :-)


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