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07 June 2011

The Dog Park - is it a good place to socialise and exercise your dog?

I must admit I'm not a big fan of dog parks. I went to a new one near my place when it first opened and read the guidelines before going in. Wow, I couldn't believe how little notice people took of the guidelines. I was especially concerned to see a big group of owners standing still talking to eachother while their dogs had formed one massive milling pack, I'm talking more than 10 dogs! I really didn't feel comfortable when they all moved in our direction so we left as quickly and safely as we could!

I know quite a few people in my circle of dog friends who are also wary of dog parks. I certainly don't take my new foster dogs to a dog park as I don't know my foster very well and how he/she might react in different situations and I don't yet have the obedience control I feel is necessary for that environment.

I found an interesting article you may like to read regarding dog parks:

and while there check out lots of other dog training/management articles

Enjoy the challenge!

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  1. There are no true dog parks around my area just places some dog owners get together. I would be concerned with one of my boys because he just loves to be the big dog. He's not mean but can get a bit pushy and you never know what another dog might do to show their tough side as well. Lots of open area around here to hike so a park isn't necessary like in a big city. I worry about porcupines more than anything and that keeps us busy enough!

  2. It is interesting reading information about dogs and dog training, because no two articles are ever alike!! I understand where the "leesburg" training believes dog parks to be a bad place for unstable dogs. However, I do believe the leesburg method of training with shock collars and probe chain collars is extreme, so it's difficult to even begin to take them seriously about anything else! I have met so many great people at the dog park, and actually by going, I have made great friends myself who also have dogs. We now can call each other and go other places with our dogs other than the park. Dogs allow us to be social and meet people. It's a perk of having a dog!! However, maybe it's best that if you don't commit to regularly attending a dog park, not to go. Dog parks are stressful for new dogs. Showing up irregularly doesn't allow your dog to get used to other dogs and meeting 10 dogs at one time can be an overload for them. However, when they already know all the dogs and meet only a new one every once and a while, its not as confronting.


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