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03 June 2011

New homes for Joey and Jarvin


While with us Joey absolutely loved playing with a ball (and found balls on our property we didn't even know we had!) and was really interactive with people. I was thrilled when a family with 4 older boys (with ages all in double figures) was keen to meet him. I'm sure this is the kind of home he'll be happy and well stimulated in, hope his new family are just as happy with Joey. Here's a quick report of their initial meeting:

Meeting went great.  Joey is such a good dog isnt he?  Such good manners :)  He met H and two of her boys who really seemed to take to him.  The boys told me he's got lots of toys waiting for him at home and it sounds like he's going to be a very busy boy taking everyone in the family for walks!  


Jarvin was a young boisterous boy looking for a loving home that could enjoy his energy and continue his training. One family on our waiting list had been keen on quite a few of our Labs but missed out each time for different reasons. Then they saw Jarvin and expressed interest in him and we thought it might be the right match this time (ie. a woman with previous Lab experience with two grown children living at home, one studying and one working) and a meeting was arranged. He is now on trial and the first report sounds really promising:

Just to let you know our beautiful boy is settling in really well. He is certainly bringing a lot of joy into our house. My daughter has fallen instantly in love with him and he certainly knows how to charm the girls. We have decided to call him Harvey. Thanks again for bringing him to us, will let you know how things go after our 2 week trial.

A younger Jarvin in the middle

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