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03 June 2011

Happy Ending - Penelope - now Sasha

Thanks for the awesome update on Sasha! Congratulations on the blue ribbon!

Sasha's new mum had a kind heart and actually applied for shy little Ccelli but after chatting I knew she would adore the wonderful Penelope (now Sasha) who was also staying with me. Sure enough it was a match made in heaven.

Hi Linda,
              It's been a while but thought I would share my excited news about lil miss sasha. On sunday we had her obedience training and well she got a blue ribbon first place. Couldn't believe it, every report card she has had says, "sasha is too social, Sasha needs to learn to focus " LOL " she is quite the social butterfuly and just has to say hi to everyone and wants to be everyone's friend. Sadly not everyone wants to be her friend all the time but YAY Sasha. She did so well. Misbehaved when we got there cause it was overwhelming with all the other dogs there but she eventually desensitised to it all and was like, yep whatever.  Am also please to report that Mischa the cat is no longer scared of Sasha "the big yellow thing" LOL. While she's not best friend's with her and I don't think you will see her curling up next to Sasha it seems that she has known shown Sasha that she is the boss " when she figured out that she wasn't going to be eaten by the big yellow thing LOL"

I've attached a pic of us and the blue ribbon. heheee


 Here's a funny photo at our place of Penelope (now Sasha) holding 3 balls in her mouth at once asking for another to be thrown. She was such a hoot!

Also in the photo are
BW (short for Beached Whale!) who is now called Gus and is much more trim and is a wonderful companion for two little children,
and shy litttle Ccelli who went to a home with a loving poodle, three gentle children, a mum who had worked as a vet nurse and a loving grandma.



  1. Wow my little star is on a blog. Love the pic of her with the other labs ( and yes she loves to play with balls) She is amusing chasing her own ball and then getting someone elses and trying to get it to all fit in her mouth at the park hehee. Thanks also for the congrats. We have worked hard but it continues to be so worthwhile. I think adopting a rescue dog is one of the most rewarding things I've ever down and the lab rescue team are fabulous.

    A and Sasha :-)

  2. Hi A, it's always a pleasure to receive and now share updates :-). So rewarding for us too!
    Looking forward to many more as you grow old together ;-). Many thanks, Linda.


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