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11 June 2011

Old Harry

Look who joined our family today !

Sweet old Harry was recently rescued from a local pound and is estimated to be 10-12 yrs old. He has arthritis in his back, elbows, knees and hips. Ouch! It's really beyond me how someone can leave an old fellow in such poor health at the pound to be put down. He's given someone the best years of his life and then this is how it is repaid! There is perhaps not much time left for the poor old fellow but he'll be able to rest comfortably in our home or another if someone will take him in and spoil him rotten for his remaining time.

He has the most beautiful head and face and the most gorgeous temperament. He and my partner are already in love ;-)! He's nervous of our stairs and the tiled floor. We've lain down blankets, dog beds and old carpet on the floors to help him out.

He enjoyed helping us in the kitchen tonight

and peeping out from under the kitchen stool

Keeping 'dad' company on the computer

We love you already Harry!

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  1. OMG Harry is gorgeous. So glad you are looking after him. I can't believe some people, leaving the poor little fellow at the pound. He is definately better with you then at the pound.


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