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05 June 2011

Another Lucky!

Katherine's dilemma

I have had a call from Animal Welfare League in Sydney. They have a 12 month old male called Lucky. They keep their dogs in kennels and don’t run them together so they have a problem with him. When he sees other dogs, he play bows, wags his tail and growls. Talk about mixed signals! They are 99% sure he is not aggressive but has just never met another dog before so is unsure of what to do. But since they don’t put their dogs together, they have no way of knowing for sure and therefore can’t rehome him.
Do we take him or not ...?

... Well you know us, we said yes, with a little trepidation.

We found a volunteer carer who was willing to take him on, yay! The volunteer foster carer drove from Canberra to Yass on Thursday night with her dog Ari. Lucky came in on transport and was picked up by Katherine. All her dogs and Ari were locked inside and Lucky given time to sniff, stretch his legs and explore his new surroundings. Then one dog at a time was let out to meet Lucky. It became apparent quite quickly that he was only about 9 months old and had no problems at all meeting other dogs, phew! He wasn't even concerned when Katherine's 13 yo arthritic foster boy Harry tried to hump him :-). So he happily joined Ari in the car and waved K good bye - off for his wonderful new adventure!

Guess what - we have an update from his lovely foster carer:

Lucky is doing great! He's a sweet little boy. He needs some training but is responding well to our routines. He has heaps of energy but can also lie down and chill out inside when he is tired. He's eager to please & just wants love and attention. He & Ari get along great & as you saw he doesn't have any aggressive tendencies at all. He's a beautiful boy! Thanks again for your help yesterday. Cheers

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