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19 January 2010

Moving to a New Home

Transporting dogs from one place to another is a necessary and time consuming activity in any rescue group and Lab Rescue is no exception. We rescue from pounds up to 3 hours drive from Canberra.  Sometimes potential new homes travel long distances to meet and pick up their new family member, sometimes potential new homes pay to transport the dog to them (with our help) over long distances, sometimes we have transport volunteers who ease the burden for all parties.

This week we've had a dog surrendered to us who is currently living in Sydney and we have a very excited new home waiting in Cooma. Fortunately a Canberra work mate is visiting relatives in Sydney this weekend and has room to transport a Lab on the way home. We have a foster carer available in Canberra who volunteers to care for older female Labs (like this one). So now the Cooma family only have to travel to Canberra to meet their potential new dog. Awesome! Thank you all!

Please don't hesitate to contact Lab Rescue whenever you're travelling out of town (especially between Canberra and Sydney) and have spare room in your car for a Lab in need on the way home. You could be sharing your trip, and lollipop, with a cute little guy like Joseph!!

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