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23 January 2010

The Things People Will Do For Us!

We rang a few possible homes to tell them about Karl and one couple jumped at the chance to meet him. It was a fortunate coincidence that they were actually travelling to Canberra, from Sydney, the very next day for a weekend cycling activity!  So we arranged a couple of meet and greets during the weekend and they fell in love with Karl, of course :-).

Well they wanted to trial him and asked if we could look after him for one more week so that they could come back the following weekend as the car was full of cycling gear. I knew there were incoming dogs needing to be fostered and asked if they could possibly fit him in the car this weekend. Guess what, I was thrilled when they let me know they had decided to leave the bikes here and take Karl, and return for the bikes the following weekend!!

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  1. Love your blog Linda! I love all the stories, especially the one's on Karl as we had our eye on him. He was only on the website for one day and he was already having a meet and greet. Great news he found his perfect forever home. We loved him!

  2. Thank you, lovely to read your encouraging message. Congratulations on being the first :-). Hope you've found your perfect dog since seeing Karl!

  3. I saw Karl on the Kurri Pound website and followed him to Lab Rescue. I think he was surrendered with his brother because their owners were renovating? I know, we were really sad when we missed out on him.

    No, we're still looking for the dog of our dreams. He'll/she'll find us one day.


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