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20 January 2010

Time To Meet Foster Number Two


We volunteered to do a road trip from Canberra to Sydney during the Sep/Oct 2009 school holidays with a borrowed 4 berth dog trailer, returning with 4 Labradors and 2 German Shepherds (for Save A Shepherd). Karl was one of them. He was one of the lucky ones in the car with us and he barked every time we drove past cattle (some history there we presume!). He was one yr old and was the most beautiful heeling dog we've ever met, every walk both on and off leash he would slot right into the heeling position. Absolutely amazing! Someone had obviously spent time training him to this level.

This was Gus's first reaction to Karl's arrival, to jump into Dad's lap !!!

More highlights

It's wonderful to see all the dogs relaxing together

Kaeli thought it was fun playing with Karl

Sweetest expression on Karl's face

Beautiful shiny coat

In heaven

Karl taught us about the collapse button most Labradors have. Find it, scratch it or rub it and Labs just collapse to the floor in ecstasy!! We thought it was just a funny thing Karl did but have since found many Labradors are like this. Great entertainment for the whole family when you find this button ;-)!!

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