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25 January 2010

A Satisfying Day

Our foster dog Mr P has gone to his new home today! I'm not sad, just feeling satisfied at a wonderful outcome for him.  He came to Lab Rescue on 3 Dec 09 in very poor condition as shown here, skeletal with very little hair on his back end. He was also found to have arthritic changes to one front leg and one back leg. We found it very difficult to believe that he was only 8 1/2 years old.

Mr P came to be fostered with our family on 21 Dec as incompatible dogs in foster care needed to be shuffled around.  We already had sweet little 8 month old Riley.  Mr P and Riley had fallen for eachother while in their first foster home together so were a great pair of fosters to have. They were like little lovebirds, even lying down in synch!

We had a wonderful family almost straightaway very keen to adopt him, even in such a bad state his beautiful temperament shone through. Everyone who meets him falls in love! Their sponsorship of him covered all the vet care required throughout his time with Lab Rescue, they even sent him Christmas presents! Unfortunately he was not good with cats so could not join their family after all but they have continued to support him. They were going to name him Mr Peabody, so he became Mr P to us in honour of their support :-). Sponsorship for individual dogs or for Lab Rescue as a whole is another much appreciated way to help us rescue and re-home more labs in need.

Another perfect family came forward after recently losing their beloved yellow Lab at the grand old age of 16. He had hip displaysia from the age of 2 so the family were happy to manage Mr P's needs. He even has a pool to swim in, ideal exercise for arthritic joints!

I just had to spoil him before he left us so arranged for him to have a therapeutic massage to help manage his arthritis. Deb from Natural Animal Therapies came to our place, evaluated him and massaged his shoulders, down his back bone and back legs. He was particularly sensitive to having his back left leg massaged. You could see his eyes glaze over as she applied photonic acupressure therapy. He was sitting much more comfortably afterwards and was bouncing around like a puppy the next morning, almost keeping up with our crazy Brittany (and that is saying something!). So glad we had the extra money from sponsorship to be able to treat him in this special way :-). Thank you also to Deb for the discount you were able to offer us.

Doesn't he look happy to be going home! He's even going to keep the name Mr P.

Thank you !

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