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24 January 2010

Foster Carers Desperately Needed

We've just had a number of foster carers let us know that they need a break after the Christmas rush of fostering. There are still a number of Labs out there we're keeping an eye on in pounds, like the ones pictured here. Cross fingers, not all of them will need to come to us but it would be lovely to know we have room in foster care for them, rather than see them put down.

If you're in the Canberra region or in Sydney please consider fostering a dog in need and contact us as soon as you can.  You can foster once or many times. You can offer assistance at certain times of the year, a time more convenient for you. You can volunteer to foster only a certain age group or gender. Please contact us to find out more about fostering and how you may be able to help.

Foster carers:
* provide food, water and shelter for the dog (we can assist with food if necessary)
* provide exercise - both on leash and off leash if possible
* carry out basic training, eg. toilet training, inside manners, walking on lead, sit, not to jump up
* take the dog to the vet for any vet work required (Lab rescue will pay the vet fees)
* provide photos of the dog and an accurate description of the dog as you get to know it.
* need to be contactable by both us and the dog's potential home as referred by Lab Rescue.
* and last but not least give the dog time with you, Labs love to be with their people.

Lab Rescue will:
* pay for any vet work required and intestinal worming, heartworm and flea treatments
* find a suitable home for the dog and process the adoption
* provide advice and support to foster carers whenever needed

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