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171 Labs rehomed in 2010

52 Labs rehomed since 1 Jan 2011

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17 January 2010

Matching Pups to New Homes

Happiness is ... a pup tickling your ear!

Lab Rescue chose homes appropriate for each puppy's character after being inundated with applications. We aim to re-home each rescued Lab with the best matching home so that hopefully they never have to find a new home again. Affectionate Diva Twinkle Toes went to a lovely home with a stay at home mum looking for a female pup so she had company all day. Pippin went to a lovely home where both new owners worked full-time as we knew he could relax on his own. Fred took a little longer to find a home for as he had special needs. He needed company and preferred human contact over dog contact. He was finally homed with a lovely couple who could work from home or take him to work or leave him with a neighbour during the day. The perfect outcome for each pup.

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