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03 March 2010

Open your Hearts – Help Us Help Holly!

Gorgeous golden girl Holly is a former rescue of ours, plucked from a terrible existence at just 9 months of age. So young, but already severely traumatised, Holly wouldn’t even come out from under the house she was living at when our rescuer arrived. It was obvious she was being beaten and under extreme stress, but thanks to some quick thinking and a whole lot of diplomacy we were able to get this beautiful yet terrified dog out of a horrible situation.

Safe, but severely distressed, it took months of rehabilitation and care to get Holly to the point where she could even consider going to a new home. Fortunately for her, she found the most amazing owner who fell in love with her and promised her a secure haven and a tonne of happiness.

Slowly overcoming her horrendous start to life, Holly now faces a major new battle. After signs of leg soreness and discomfort, she has just been diagnosed with a ruptured cruiciate ligament and requires intense, expensive surgery and another long haul of rehabilitation.

Holly’s history has left her emotionally scarred and she becomes frantic when confined in any way. The nature of her surgery means she will need to be kept quiet and unable to walk for one month, short walks only the next month, gentle free activity the third month and normal activity after that.

It is a daunting task for any dog owner at the best of times, but Holly’s mum is determined the months and months of round the clock intensive care will be worth it to give this now two year old a pain-free, trauma-free future.

Holly has a heart of gold and a gentle soul that belies her brutal beginning in life. We truly believe she is a girl who deserves a second chance at happiness and we are asking for your help to make this happen.

The surgery she needs costs $1200 and we are calling on our Labrador Rescue friends and supporters to HELP US HELP HOLLY!

Labrador Rescue already relies heavily on the kindness of volunteers and donations simply to be able to do the daily job of rescuing our gorgeous dogs from death row and finding them magical forever homes.

Your support is needed to help Holly get the peace and comfort she so deserves. If you can assist us in any way possible by donating towards the cost of her operation you would be making a world of difference.

For details on how to donate please visit

Thank you in anticipation of any help you can offer. Labrador Rescue thanks you and more importantly HOLLY THANKS YOU!

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