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23 March 2010

Holly at the beach

Dear Lab Rescue Team

A big thank you to all those who have contributed towards Holly's cruciate ligament surgery, we are now passed the half way mark and I can go ahead and book a date for her surgery after Easter.

While the recovery time will be difficult for her, the final result will make such a difference to Holly's life. This girl is overweight, partly because she is a lab and eats anything and everything (dog food, cat food, horse food, chook food and failing that there is always a bit of horse or chook manure for the taking, or a bit of rotting kangaroo bone ), but also because she has continual discomfort and is unable to exercise fully.

Holly had a terrible start in life, she still bears the scar of a cigarette burn on one ear and it seems that the cruciate ligament injury could also have been the result of violence, but she has such a strong and forgiving character that, with the help of Lab Rescue, she has made an amazing recovery. As you can see in her photo she is happy, affectionate and friendly and loves life.

So thank you all who have contributed to make this surgery possible, we will keep you posted on her recovery.

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