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01 March 2010

A Bit About Buddy

Time to rave about our current foster Buddy!! As you can see here, Buddy is the most affectionate loving foster we've had so far. We don't normally allow our dogs and fostered dogs on the sofas or the beds but Buddy is just made for cuddles, who could resist ;-). He seeks out human company and loves to please so will make the most wonderful canine companion for his new owner.

Guess what I found out this week! Buddy loves the trampoline, just like one of our early fosters 'Trampoline Sam'. He's an athlete and loves to tear around in the backyard and jump up onto the trampoline to be with whoever is on it. I've even seen him jump up while playing with our two dogs, Gus and Kaeli, and then bounce down for another run around the garden with them. Very entertaining to watch!

Happy to report too that he is beautifully housetrained. Many fosters need an initial reminder but Buddy has never made a mistake since he's been with us. Yay, what a nice change!

He had us in stitches this morning. The kids were bouncing a little rubber ball in front of him and he would follow it down with his head but not see it bounce back up so he kept looking for the ball down on the ground. Happened everytime, LOL!!

Love you Buddy, still looking for that special home just for you :-)

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