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171 Labs rehomed in 2010

52 Labs rehomed since 1 Jan 2011

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01 March 2010

Call for a Volunteer

Can't foster a rescued Lab but would you like to help Lab Rescue in some way? 

We have come to the realisation that we really need someone who would like to prepare little starter kits for our foster carers taking in a new dog.  All our dogs need to be started on monthly heartworm prevention, need to be wormed for intestinal worms and need a regular flea prevention program (and sometimes a flea infestation treated). They will also need a folder which may contain pound and vet records, a trial placement form for their foster's new home to sign on collection, as well as some way of recording any medication and preventatives given during their time in foster care.

Ideally you would be in Canberra or Sydney but it may work over a long distance if you have easy access to a post office. If you think you might like to help in this way please contact us at


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