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26 April 2011

Punk Rocker

My gorgeous boy G had a mast cell tumour removed last Monday. Guess what - Murphy's law rules - he pulled a stitch out today, on a public holiday, ka-ching! Now he's all stapled up (20 staples!) with nowhere to party! I should have asked for some matching earings ;-).

Day 1

Today - before trip to the vet

Today - after trip to the vet  

Jack had a lovely wash today with a medicated soap in the bath, he smells great and is no longer constantly scratching himself. Crossing fingers a weekly wash will keep him comfortable. I promise to keep an eye on him though :-).

The dogs all got a lamb shank to chew on today, to help clean their teeth and cater for their desire to chew. Jack kept trying to steal K's bone so I had to separate them. Then to my surprise another neighbourhood dog jumped the fence and took Jack's bone off him, Karma. At least Jack had chewed off all the meat and was up to bone munching!

Well it certainly was an exciting day today!!! Tomorrow is my son's 13th birthday party so it's going to be just as busy I'm sure. Not sure how to manage 3 dogs and 12 partying youngsters yet but will come up with something :-).

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