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28 April 2011

Our New Favourite Puppy - Annie!

 Annie was rescued from being put down yesterday. I met Katherine's partner halfway between our homes this afternoon and brought her home. She's absolutely adorable, very outgoing and affectionate :-). Not sure how much Lab she is, if any, she may have a home lined up already anyway, so we just have her til Sunday.  She's very clever and with careful supervision has only toileted outside so far. I fed her a cup of dry food and half a sachet of BARF tonight thinking she would stop when she got full. She now looks like a ball with legs so there may be a bit of a mess in her playpen in the morning! She has tucked herself into the crate to sleep and is very happy in there on her own now after a couple of practice sessions during the afternoon. 

Awesome Annie

K wanted to play!

Jack was keen to say hello

Annie and the kids

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