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25 April 2011

Jack is visiting for a week

Jack is staying with us for a week while his awesome foster care family are away.

Jack has been in Lab Rescue care for a looong time. I picked him up from transport months ago, I remember he came in from the pound really skinny so it's great to see his body more in proportion with his huge boofy head - shhh don't tell him but he might be getting a little less food than normal just to ease the burden on his bung knees. He's had one knee done 3 times and has yet to heal well enough to have the other knee fixed. Not much fun for this nice boy. He has a lovely nature though  great with kids, dogs and cats :-). He even has pink polish on his nails thanks to the loving girls in his foster family, LOL!

He seems very itchy tonight so I'm going to see if a soothing wash will help tomorrow. He's already getting mackerel mixed in with his dry food every day. Not sure yet what the cause is and how we can help.

Bye for now

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