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21 February 2010

Revolving Door

The new puppy homes seem to be getting over the initial shock of life with a baby puppy, which is great to hear! The pups also seem to be settling in well and starting to show their true colours, for better or for worse ;-)!!

When I dropped off Scooby on Tuesday night I brought home sweet Abbey. She's a very light girl with a gentle soul. She seems to be feeling a bit lost without her family and was a bit overwhelmed at Katherine's place with 10 other dogs.  She had a family in Canberra keen to meet her as a companion for a their previous rescue Lab, it's always nice to have an adoptive family come back for more :-). They came to meet her on Thursday night and took her home for a two week trial. She showed sensitivity around her rear end which has since been checked out and is possibly bruised so she is on a course of anti-inflammatories which should help the healing process. I'm glad to say all is going well so far.

Young Buddy was dropped off to us on Friday morning after a failed trial. His potential new family thought he was absolutely perfect but found out from a concerned friendly neighbour that he had been barking constantly during the day when they were out at work.  It turns out that this affectionate, sensitive boy craves company, so we'll be looking for a home with as much human or dog company as is possible for him.  He's lovely to have around and we think he is a Great Dane cross Lab. He's no trouble at all living with our cat. He does love to jump up for a cuddle but really concentrated on sitting during his morning greeting this morning, such great progress :-). He's very athletic and loves to run around and jump over things.  He's a real sweetheart.


  1. what lovely stories. i am so sorry about the labrador mix that had to lose his family because of his barking. the poor darling as you said doubtless needs family affection. Hope he finds a family with a stay at home human:)

  2. Hi, I hope Abbey is okay. Was selfishly a little sad to see she was on trial but really hope she loves her new home. I have been looking at her picture a few times a day and i think she has tipped us all over the edge, meaning that we think it is time to adopt a lovely girl like Abbey next time one comes along.


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