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06 February 2010

Puppy Toilet Training Progress

The puppies are awesome! I've been crate training them with a crate and puppy pen overnight, as shown above. They soiled the area during the first two nights but haven't soiled their sleeping area since, 4 nights in a row, and they're only 7 weeks old! Well there was one early morning when they escaped (led by the intrepid boy Scooby) and relieved themselves as far away from it as possible, but I'm not counting that ;-)! They're comfortable going about 7 hours overnight, 10pm til 5am or 11pm til 6am. 

They also have chew toys available to relax with while in the play pen. Don't worry they also have heaps of outside time and cuddle time with the family and time to wander around the house and explore (fully supervised of course).

For more information about this method of toilet training see the post on Key Puppy Priorities

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  1. Toilet training your dog is not that hard of a task but it requires loads of commitment and consistency Toilet training your dog


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