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22 May 2010

An Unusual Thank You!

We all loved this unusual thank you message, it was very well timed and much appreciated :-)!!!

Hi all at labrescue

This is a bit of a strange email i am writing to say thank you. we recently adopted our lovely B from pet rescue which we found through your website. I had fully intended to adopt a lab from you guys but when all  of us saw B on the website she was meant to be. So thank you. It was your website that convinced me that i wanted to do the right thing rather than have a puppy and certainly not to have a litter of pups. I don't think i would ever buy another puppy again, as adopting means you can choose the perfect dog for you. hopefully we can foster some puppies some day so that the kids get to have the experience, we will let you know. So thank you it's a strange thank you but i just wanted you to know. I love your site and recommend it and B is such a great advertisement for doggy adoption.

Thanks and B is so appreciative.

11 yo Khan
 is looking for a loving home to spend his twilight years with

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