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02 May 2010

A quick word from Mocchy


Just a quick word from Mocchy.

Boy have I hit the jackpot. Here I am taking my best mate for ride on his ski.

My days are filled with swimming, running through parks then its down to the local café for a quick bite and chat ( where I'm a bit of a celebrity)

I'm groomed and cuddled constantly. The meals are yummy and healthy.

Met the local vet, seems like a pretty nice fellow, had me all better in no time….. Thanks Benny & the Pets.

Well off for a few laps before I have a snooze on my new sheep skin. Thanks again to all the guys at Lab rescue

Luv Moccha

Hey Moccha

We are THRILLED that you are soooooooooooooooo happy - thanks so much for keeping us up to date and we will add your wonderful story to our happy Endings page.

How fantastic you lucky dog!!!


Lab Rescue Gang

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