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12 September 2010

Dray is Wonderful !

Here's an awesome happy ending story for 9 yo Dray who was surrendered to us after his kids moved out of home and his parents decided to re-home him. Warms the heart!

Just a note to tell you how Dray is going.

We could not have been matched more perfectly than with Dray.

Each morning he wakes me at about 6am and he is kind of sluggish, he goes out to pee and he comes ripping through the house to my daughter's room, jumps on her bed (which I need to get him out of) and nuzzles her as he knows this is the time she gets up to walk him. He comes back for breakfast and naps for a while. When I grab my keys, he is up again ready to go to work! He is pretty sedate in the car until we enter work premises. As soon as he sees the building he starts yelping, wagging the tail and jumping around the car. He already knows where he is!. He gets out of the car and without waiting for me, lets himself in the building and makes his rounds seing the residents. He does this for about 45 minutes and then needs a nap. He knows how to get back to me and find his "quiet spot" to rest. The residents absolutely adore him and the staff are really getting involved in including him in activities. I thought it would take some time for him to settle, but it is like he has been with us his entire life.

One particular incident yesterday...........we had a woman and her very small child come into the facility, the child would have been about 2 years old. I must admit I was a little concerned when that child walked in as I had not seen Dray with a little one and did not know how he was going to react. Before I got to him to gab his collar, the little girl approached him and tried to pat his face but could not reach. Dray not only sat, he dropped and let that kid pat, hug and sqeeze him until she was content.It drew quite the crowd and melted a few hearts aswell. He was so gentle with her, he is the same with the elderly residents, it's amazing to watch.

He is really comfortable in the house, walks around like he owns it really. He likes the cat, but the cat does not like him. We are hoping the cat will come around. For some reason he will only wake me to let him out of a morning, I have not needed my alarm for three days now. He puts his snout under my arm or hand and gently pushes it until I wake.It's pretty cool to wake up that way each morning and it's amazing that he is so gentle with me but when he gets to my daughter's room, he is almost wrestling with her, they both love it though.

When K said he had an appetite, she wasn't kidding. He would eat until he burst. It's really hard to know how much to let him have.

It has been whispered that Dray may feature in an article in the paper because of the facility. I would need your permission to name your organisation when we are asked how we came to get him.

Anyway, I must go, Dray is back from his walk and wants his steamed vegies, I put them on when he leaves for his walk so they are ready when he gets back. My hubby complains. He says he should have been a dog, maybe then he would get his breakfast cooked each morning too.

Thank you for the work you all do, we would not have had Dray otherwise.

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