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20 June 2010

Two New Arrivals - Tessa and Bondi

Tessa and Bondi arrived in Canberra from the Wagga Pound yesterday, many thanks go to rescue and transport volunteers.

Tessa is a gentle, placid Lab x Goldie girl who definitely needs to go on a diet and start a healthy exercise regime.

Bondi is happy natured, playful young boy and is a little sweetie. He is full of energy and is a real livewire who will happily play games and run around for hours but also just loves to snuggle up and have a cuddle.

Doesn't this picture say it all !!!


  1. lol! Fatty boomba! I'm sure running around with the mob will get her back into prime shape.

  2. Fantastic blog, especially the Paws for Thought post (I am always learning something new about dog body language). I'm not able to be a permanent foster carer but I will be applying to be a Canberra temp carer now that I've seen how much you guys do.


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