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30 April 2010

Third Time Lucky for Ashley

We don't always have successful trials and are so relieved that Ashley has finally found her new forever home. She was surrendered by her owners (where she had not been treated well) and showed us her beautiful sweet nature in foster care so we decided on a lovely new home for her. Her first trial was with a couple on a property with stock and she thought it was great fun to play with the other animals, so understandably came back to us! Her second trial did not go well at all. We were very disappointed and were worried that the experience may have set her back too much to be re-homed before coming back into foster care. However the perfect home for her came up so we took the plunge and sent her straight there.  Here are comments from her new family:

I just wanted to give you an update on Ashley now that she's been part of our family for 5 days.

When Poppie died I really didn't think I would ever want another dog, she was just so lovely. C and the boys were really keen for a new dog and finally I agreed and we started looking. I don't know how you were able to pick such a perfect dog for us just through our application. The minute C brought her home from the airport I fell in love and she has been absolutely fantastic ever since.

On Sunday she went on her first proper outing to our middle son E's football match and once I had some help from another parent with her "gentle leader" she was absolutely great - before that she spent the whole time trying to take me for a walk and a little bit of time on the footy field while the players madly tried to grab her lead!

This morning she had to go to school to meet all the Grade 3 kids in W's class, she was amazing as they all came up one by one to give her a pat.

I'm looking at her now fast asleep in her bed surrounded by soft toys from the boys and can't believe how lucky we are that she's come to live with us.

Thank you so much, it's hard to put in writing how grateful we are and how much we all love her. 
Thank you for giving Ashley her perfect new home, we're all thrilled for sweet natured Ash :-)

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